Do you accept reservations through AirBnb?

Yes!  Click here to go to the AirBnB website and reserve now!

Do you accept reservations for large gatherings?

In the past we have hosted some events up to 150 people.  Since the start of COVID-19 we keep gatherings to 40. That will continue for the foreseeable future. Contact us at [email protected] to start a conversation about your idea.

Who should stay in the Magical Tree House?

Great question.  Visitors should have a sense of adventure.  You'll be staying in the woods, away from modern conveniences.  While the Magical Tree House is clean and dry, and has such amenities as a microwave, small frig, and Keurig Coffee maker, it is also similar to camping, so we find that the best word is 'glamping', (glamorous camping!).  If you have successfully tent-camped, or back-packed, you'll be at ease in the Magical Tree House.

Can we swing by and see the Mt. Hood Treehouse?

We do love to share the treehouse, however we don't have the people power to provide that option.  Your best option is to come stay with us (reserved through AirBnB).

Do you have plans or blueprints that you can share?

Dave enjoys conversations about the construction process.  If you are thinking of building one, book a weekend and let us know that you'd like to talk!  As for plans, most are inside Dave's head.  So far, his current operating system doesn't have a print button.

What are the bathroom facilities?

The Magical Treehouse has a "Separett Waterless Toilet".  It has the look and feel of a regular toilet, but is composting.  There is a well mantained outhouse type toilet about 100 feet away.

Is there a shower?

There is no shower inside the Treehouse.  There is a luxurious outdoor shower about 100 feet away.  While maintaining your privacy the outdoor shower allows you to experience the trees and sky while showering.  It also has a gas fireplace inside for warmth and ambiance.  The outdoor shower is dependent on weather, and is generally shut down during Nov - March (potential freezing weather).

What's it like to wake up floating in the trees?

More magical than you can possibly imagine!  Come stay!